Pasta Dinners Made to Order

Pasta: Fettucini, Rigatoni and more...


Lunch $9 / Dinner $12
Your Choice of Pasta, Served with Salad & Focaccia Bread
Spaghetti, Linguini, Ziti, Fettuccini, (Gnocchi Add $2)
Your Choice of Sauce
Garlic & Oil, Bolognese, Meatballs, Sausage, Marinara, House Tomato Sauce, Fra Diavolo, Alfredo

Ask about our gluten-free or whole wheat pasta
Served with Salad & Focaccia Bread

  Lunch Dinner
Fettucini Alfredo $9 $12
Add Shrimp & Broccoli $4 $5
Add Chicken & Broccoli $2 $4
Vodka Rigatoni $9 $13
Rigatoni Primavera
Broccoli, spinach, red onions, mushrooms, pink cream sauce or garlic oil
$11 $14
Rigatoni with Broccoli Rabe & Sausage
Garlic, oil and cheese
$12 $16
Linguini Clam Sauce
Red or White
$11 $15
Capellini a la Romana
w/ shrimp, fresh mushrroms in a blush cream sauce
Capellini Pavarotti   $17
Gnocchi di Fontana
Homemade gnocchi with Regiano, cream sauce & arugula
$11 $15
Pasta Bellisimo
Chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes in marsala cream sauce
$12 $18
Prosciutto, onions, house tomato sauce
$12 $16
Bacon, carmelized onions, Regiano cheese in cream sauce
$12 $16
Penne alla Gallina
Chicken breast with peas & sherry cream sauce
$12 $16


Lunch $9 / Dinner $12
Served with Salad and Focaccia Bread
Baked Ziti with Ricotta * Stuffed Shells * Manicotti * Ravioli * Baked Gnocchi * Lasagna * Baked Ziti Sicilian (with Eggplant) * Baked Stuffed Rigatoni

Price and availability subject to change without notice!